Childcare Program

We lay the groundwork for your child’s transition to school. A carefully designed curriculum, including an interactive process, is a part of our day-to-day activities. Your kids will be taught using the latest trends in the field of child development.

We believe that children are their own persons and their development can depend on several factors. Our programs are built to support their natural curiosity through an authentic, integrated, play-based approach. Extra attention is paid to the four domains of child development, which are:

Before & After School Care

Includes Transportation To & From School

We know your kids have been hard at work at school, so when they’re here we focus on keeping learning fun. We fill their afternoons with engaging learning activities, arts and crafts, games, and more. We help kids develop a love of learning and exploration!

Rest assured that your older children will get to class on time with us. Both of our locations provide a transportation service to and from local schools.

Baby Care

Infancy is a time of constant excitement and discovery. The world is new and abilities to observe and explore grow from day to day. We’ve created an environment that is safe and nurturing while also stimulating infants as they grow. Our infant classrooms have low teacher-to-child ratios so we can give growing babies the level of care and attention needed at this age. Our teachers are loving and give nurturing, individualized attention to the children in their care.

We try to allow infants to dictate their own schedule based on their needs. They are fed and put down to sleep when they indicate they need it. We gradually regulate the eating and sleeping schedules of children as they grow older. By the time they are toddlers, we find that daily routines help them feel confident and secure.

Summer Care

Are your kids ready for a summer that’s jam-packed with both learning and fun? Our Summer Program is for both preschool and school-age kids. Days are filled with lots of activities, field-trips, etc. Make memories this summer!

Registration begins in February